Michael Bateman Photography | About
I have been fascinated with photography for as long as I can remember. I am amazed at the impact of a great image. I am driven by the satisfaction of helping someone see themselves a little differently. Whether the image is complete fantasy or capture’s one’s true personality, sending a person away feeling better about themselves is very rewarding. It’s about the people.

I stated doing professional work in 1990 when I met Ron Osborn who gave me a chance to work with him in his studio. I cannot thank him enough for what he taught me and the experience I gained. At the same time I also did my own freelance work. In that time I shot all sorts of retail portrait work, from countless weddings and families, to dances and sports, even the Jazz dancers once. Some of my favorite freelance jobs were for the Eagle Newspaper in Murray, the Shriners Clowns, and the El Kalah Shriners Divan.

Somewhere around 1998 due to some life changes and some burnout I put the camera away for several years. Then around 2004 I started shooting again and transitioned from film to digital although I will always have an appreciation for medium format film.

My camera and the shared struggle of creating a great image, has given me the opportunity to meet some fantastic people and make some good friends. I shoot now with a new attitude, using all my past experiences to continue my passion.